HG LineupHoldenman Restomotive are able to restore many components to factory correct appearance and operation. Please contact us to discuss the services you require.

Some of the more common assemblies we restore include:

  • Steering Boxes for FE-HG models – including 16.7 GTS boxes
  • Brake Master cylinders for 48-HJ and HB-LH models
  • Brake Wheel cylinders for 48-HG and HB-LJ models
  • Clutch Master cylinders for FE-HG models
  • Ranco heater valves for FB-HR models
  • Brake Boosters for HK-HG and LC-LJ models
  • Power steering pumps for EH-HG models
  • Power steering control valves for EH-HG models
  • Power steering rams for EH-HG models
  • Kingpin assemblies for 48-HD models

If you require any of these items or others not listed to be restored , please feel free to contact us on 0408 349 185 or via our contact form.