Welcome to Earlyholdenparts.com.au the website of Holdenman Restomotive.

We are a small company that specialises in the manufacture , supply and restoration/refurbishment of many classic Holden parts to “production line” correct appearance and operation – from the original 48-215 through to the HG range.

We also offer some parts and services for HB , LC and LJ Torana owners.

With some 35 years of early Holden experience , enthusiasm and ownership , Holdenman Restomotive has gained a substantial knowledge base which is still expanding. Together with a network of similar minded old Holden “nuts” , if we dont already know what is correct for your car , then we have the resources to find out what is.

Our focus is on correctness and detail , not volume sales ! We are a niche supplier that specialises in doing things that other suppliers don`t. A lot of the products and services we offer were originally driven from a personal need for our own cars and a dissatisfaction with what was available on the market. we figured if we had a need , then other old Holden owners would too.

Just when you thought we only do factory stock – think again ! Holdenman Restomotive also offers some upgrade or modernisation kits and services that are focussed again on a “stock” appearance , to cater to the fast growing “Resto-Mod” enthusiast group who like to maintain a stock appearance , but may use their car regularly in modern traffic. Among other things we offer a kit to fit a Trimatic auto to Grey motor powered cars , an all synchromesh column shift conversion for FE-HR models and various electronic ignition conversion kits for Chevrolet V8, Grey and Red motors that fit inside the distributor and cannot be seen.

Take the time to have a good look around our easy to navigate site. If there is a product you like , simply click on the title and it will show an expanded information section and a shopping cart button at the bottom. Be sure to add us to your favourites list as we will be adding new parts and services regularly.