Howdy HKTG Monaro, Brougham and Premier fans.

On offer here is a set of 5 perfect reproduction bucket seat cushion or base main springs (Holden part number 7434901, group 11.420) as fitted to HK, HT and HG models with factory bucket seats. These springs are made in Australia with Australian steel and labour. A nice unmolested original is shown at the top and the new spring is underneath for comparison. This listing is for a complete set of 5 springs- enough to do 1 seat base, the original spring depicted is for reference only and does NOT form part of this listing.

These seat springs have been specifically manufactured to the exact same wire gauge, same wave pitch and same tension and same end forms to clip in the frame exactly like the originals. It is not some “off the shelf” generic domestic upholstery spring bent up !

We all know what happens to metal when it is flexed for nearly 50 years – it breaks !! If your springs haven`t broken yet , they will ! Not many of us are getting any skinnier so why risk your new expensive re-trim with old used and fatigued springs?? Nothing worse than spending several thousand dollars only to have to repair or replace it a few months later because you cut corners !

Postage will be registered mail via Australia Post. Payment within 5 working days of purchase please , direct bank deposit preferred and appreciated , paypal just tolerated.

Impress all your “Holden Guru” mates and the judges at your next All Holden Day or Nationals event. These are the details that separate the “nice” cars from the “trophy-winners” ! Keep your Holden ALL Holden.