All Synchro Column Shift Kit

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All Synchro Column Shift Kit

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For years now people have wanted to fit the later , bullet-proof all synchro 3 speed box in their early Holden , but did not want to cut a hole in the floor for a floor shift. Well this is the answer!


Howdy early Holden fans. This is the conversion many of you have been searching for!

This is a conversion I developed for my wife`s EJ Premier about 15 years ago. After selling her old manual EJ Special for the Premier , my wife said she hated the Hydramatic and wanted the “gears like the old car”. I told here there was no way I was going to fit a crappy crash box , so this is what I came up with. It worked beautifully and I have done a few for friends and word-of-mouth since then. I am now offering this conversion as a regular product to anyone who wants one.

As most of you would be aware , the old 3 speed Crash box has a completely different and incompatible shift mechanism to the later All Synchro 3 speed , usually necessitating the fitment of a floor shifter if you wanted to fit the much stronger All Synchro box.

For years now people have wanted to fit the later , bullet-proof all synchro 3 speed box in their early Holden , but did not want to cut a hole in the floor for a floor shift. Well this is the answer!

With the cost now of properly rebuilding a “Crashy” , this conversion makes sense , especially if you are running a healthy 186 or 202 through it. Anybody who runs a hot red through a crashbox will tell you they just can`t stand up to it very long. It also makes city driving far more pleasant – no more stopping to select first gear in stop/start crawling traffic !!! With this conversion kit , you will be able to shift the HK-WB all synchro 3 speed gearbox on your original column shifter.

The column runs a modified shifter tube to my own design and new custom made shift levers which incorporate the HG-WB style adjusting trunnion assemblies. I supply new shift rods/washers/clips and a new set of levers for the gearbox side plate. All of the working parts in the column are made from “Bisaloy” , which is a hard steel alloy ( it will take the teeth off a file !) so they will be far more durable than the original GMH ones used in HK-WB columns which were just punched out of toughened steel.

OK , now here is the deal. WHAT YOU GET: This is a CHANGE OVER service only , you are NOT buying the column in the photos! You need to send me YOUR steering box/column. I will disassemble , inspect , hydro-blast , re-plate , modify , re-assemble and paint YOUR column to the same standard as the one shown in the pictures and return it to you. I can do this for all model steering columns from FE-HR.

In order to carry out the conversion , it is necessary to completely strip the steering box. Most steering boxes from early Holdens are usually found to be worn./damaged or otherwise faulty when stripped for inspection – even if they were driving “OK” previously.

I can also recondition your steering box while it is apart AT EXTRA COST depending on what needs fixing , OR , I can put it back together the way it was. When I rebuild these early steering boxes , I replace the worm end bearings as well as their races in the housing and end cap , and I convert the sector shaft bushings to NEEDLE ROLLER BEARINGS like HK onwards. This modification provides for lighter steering and the roller bearings don`t wear out and get sloppy like bushes !If you want the new bearings/races and needle roller sector conversion done , THIS IS AT EXTRA COST.

The kit also comes with new selector rods and new gearbox selector levers to suit the conversion.. The All Synchro box and associated parts and fitting are NOT included! It is only the column shift conversion kit you are buying.

This conversion can be done on Grey or Red motor powered early Holdens from FE-HR. For FE FC FB and EK manual bodies , transmission tunnel modifications ARE required to fit the All Synchro box. For EK auto body and all EJ EH HD and HR models , the All Synchro box will fit WITHOUT tunnel mods ( EJ/EH are a tight fit , but will go in ok).